Karate Kid Surf Monkey

I bought a couple of these “Corona Club Tijuana” plaster surf monkey banks crossing back into the United States from Baja a few years ago. Here is a shot of the O.G Monkey.I am very proud to say that I finally finished my tribute to the Cobra Kai dojo! I had to shave/sand off monkey banks bathing suit to smooth him out for painting. I added a plaster skull mask and a tiny little machete so no-one tries to snake his wave!
Slashing the wave and ready to regulate


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4 Responses to Karate Kid Surf Monkey

  1. Surf Monkey says:

    LOVE IT!!!
    You are definitely part of the Fellowship of the Surf Monkey.
    We’re going to link you from our site.

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  3. Surf Monkey says:

    Just linked this on the Surf Monkey’s Facebook page, “Surf Monkey”.